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OMP Tecnica-S Racing Suit


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OMP Tecnica-S Racing Suit

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Developed Professional racing suit with external shiny Nomex® fabrics.

Excellent quality / lightness / resistance / comfort / price ratio.    

The attractive OMP Tecnica S Racing Suit features one vibrant color option, with professional-level features and materials at an incredible price. Breathable inserts trickle down from the OMP pro-level suits to provide excellent breathability and comfort. Soft knitted Nomex is combined with elastic inserts at the back and inner thighs for a high level of mobility. Full-floating sleeves striking off this modern suit for a fantastic combination of quality, comfort, fashion, and price.

  • Shaped collar with inner soft knitted material  

  • Floating arms with elastic bellows

  • Ultra-flat anti rubbing seams

  • Hips and Lumbar inserts made of soft knitted fabric


Homologation FIA 8856-2000 (SFI on request/ custom order)

A racing suit should fit loosely and comfortably, allowing the driver to sit without binding or bunching. The layer of air between the driver's body and the suit is part of its fire protection; it shouldn't fit tightly. Driving suits do not break-in or stretch out with use

Only Available Color and Only Available in Size: 56

2 Layers - 400 gr/m2

Only color and size 56 available

OMP Race Suits

To race your best, you need to dress like the best. Ramp up your time behind the wheel by choosing the right suits for racing. Start your search with OMP race suits.

Industry Leading Technology

OMP is a leader in the racing industry, providing everything from safety wear to car accessories. For nearly 40 years, OMP has worked with many racing legends. If OMP's suits for racing are good enough for elite drivers, then they are worth your consideration as well.

One of the primary reasons to invest in a good race suit is safety. OMP race suits are designed with the driver's safety in mind. This is why many are crafted with Nomex. This synthetic fiber has been shown to resist heat and flames. In case of an accident or fire, this protection is absolutely essential for drivers.

Unparalleled Comfort

Safety is guaranteed with an OMP race suit, but you will get more than that. You will also get comfort. OMP makes race suits with lightweight fabrics, which keep drivers cool under pressure. The suits are designed to move with the body, reducing friction and discomfort while behind the wheel. Some race suits can be ordered in standard sizes, but for a better fit, you can choose custom sizing in some models. As an added bonus, OMP suits for racing are also made with the latest in racing fashion. This ensures that you will look good while staying safe.

FIA Certified

When picking your race suit, be sure to look carefully at the rating. All suits are rated based on their fire resistance. If you drive competitively, your racing authorities will set the guidelines that determine which rating you need. For example, many of OMP's race suits have a rating of FIA 8856-2000. This includes the elite Evo One Racing Suit and the affordable Dart Race Suit. Consider your options for new OMP race suits today.

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